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Compassionate + Companionship

The state of being compassionate with a companion

He has a unique compassionship with his poodle.

Created By: sjhopkins on Oct. 27, 2013
Prepic (N) 1 1

Prepper + Epic

A "prepic" is one who preps to an epic degree, or for an epic disaster, such as an emp.

The "prepics" gathered in their 1970 land cruiser for an out of state journey to the high desert of oregon.

The "prepics" stockpiled food and supplies for a year, as well as miscellaneous electronic devices in their homemade faraday cage.

She has a crazy prepic boss who has stockpiled heirloom seed to last 3 centuries.

Created By: sjhopkins on Feb. 14, 2014
Venophobic (ADJ) 1 1

Venous + Phobic

To be anxious and/or afraid of all things pertaining to vein.

My phlebologist prescribed valium for me to take prior to my vein ablation procedure because he told a venophobic patient.

Created By: sjhopkins on April 11, 2015

Scenario + Organizing

The process of organizing the details of why a particular scenario occurred as it did.

I am scenarionizing why gilbert chose to work part-time

Created By: sjhopkins on Nov. 27, 2017