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When was the last time you came up with a new word by combining other words in both phonetics and meaning? This happens all the time in normal conversation. Until now, there has been no place to write them down. These words are called “Portmanteau” words. They combine the letters, sounds and the meanings of their components words. provides you with the opportunity to create and search Portmanteau Words. You will be recognized for the invention of these words by having your username and date of invention posted next to your word.

We hope you enjoy!!

Instructions and Functions

CombinationWords: You can view all combination words posted simply by clicking the Combination Words tab on the home page and you do not need to be logged in.

Order By: You can order (sort) the words alphabetically or sort them based on newest, oldest, positive votes or negative votes. Voting is highly encouraged so that the best words (or worst) can be easily viewed.

Registration: To register, simply click on the Register tab and complete the information requested.

Username: This is created at the time you register. It is posted along with your word when you create new words so make sure you like it!!

Log in: You can log in anytime after you have registered. Just enter your username and password. In order to vote (positive or negative) on existing words, you only need to log in after registering.

Log out: Just click on the Register tab and select log out.

New Word: After you log in, just click the New Word tab and enter the name of the new word, the part of speech, each word from which your word is derived (Word 1 and Word 2), the definition, and one or more sentences where the word is used in context. Then hit submit and you are done. You can go back and edit any part of your word at a later time or delete it altogether.

Voting: You can vote (like or dislike) on any word (one vote per word) anytime after you log in.