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Done (V) 1 1

Three + Define

Make best

This time make better more

Created By: Anonymous

Comfortable + Ability

The ability to be comfortable

How is your comfortability?

Created By: ahopkins on Sept. 27, 2017
Brookies (N) 1 1

Brownies + Cookies

A delicious desert that combines brownies with cookies

I would prefer brookies over either brownies or cookies any day!!

Created By: Diego on June 17, 2017
Blundin (N) 1 1

Breakfast and lunch + Dinner

One meal a day

I only had blundin today

Created By: Diego on May 8, 2017

Snack + Hoddie

A hoodie worn in reverse to serve snacks

Charles barkley wears snackhoodies when he watches basketball

Created By: Anonymous
Skort (N) 1 1

Skirts + Shorts

A skirt with shorts sewn in

Skorts have been part of catholic school uniform from the beginning

Created By: Anonymous
Nervited (N) 1 1

Nervous + Excited

A state of being when you are nervous and excited.

The little girl on junior chopped show was nervited prior to announcing the winner

Created By: Anonymous
Coffetea (N) 1 1

Coffee + Tea

A drink where you mix coffee and tea

We had coffetea after dinner. supper caffeinated!!

Created By: Anonymous
Ingenuitea (N) 1 1

Tea + Ingenuity

A brand of tea that uses ingenuity

I bought my daughter a ingenuitea maker for xmas

Created By: Anonymous
Retrograte (N) 1 1

Retrograde + Bureaucrate

An old time conservative

The republican party are all a bunch of retrocrates

Created By: Anonymous
Rizzle (N) 1 1

Rain + Drizzle

Rain and drizzle together

I believe rizzle is worse than either rain or drizzle

Created By: Anonymous
Chammock (N) 1 1

Hammock + Chair

A chair designed as a hammock

Aqua creations has the best chammocks

Created By: Anonymous

Christmas + Thanksgiving

When you combine thanksgiving and christmas because you're too lazy to cook.

Christgiving was the best new holiday, because i got a food coma and got presents from santa.

Created By: Blystone10 on Nov. 24, 2016

Thanksgiving + Friends

To have thanksgiving with friends rather than relatives

Lets do thanksfriending this year. my relatives are being difficult

Created By: Anonymous
Biodefense (N) 1 1

Biologic + Defense

Defintion on an industry

I work in teh biodefense industry

Created By: Anonymous