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Chinglish (N) 1 1

Chinese + English

A poor translation of chinese into english.

The manual was in chinglish, so we just had to figure out how to operate it on our own.

Created By: Anonymous

Distribution + Disbursement

Dish out, hand out or give out

The distribursement of materials to the workers went smoothly.

The sunday edition of the newspaper was released for distribursement.

We have four different methods of distribursement that can be used to get the information out to the public.

Created By: Anonymous
Done (V) 1 1

Three + Define

Make best

This time make better more

Created By: Anonymous

Comfortable + Ability

The ability to be comfortable

How is your comfortability?

Created By: ahopkins on Sept. 27, 2017
Brookies (N) 1 1

Brownies + Cookies

A delicious desert that combines brownies with cookies

I would prefer brookies over either brownies or cookies any day!!

Created By: Diego on June 17, 2017
Blundin (N) 1 1

Breakfast and lunch + Dinner

One meal a day

I only had blundin today

Created By: Diego on May 8, 2017

Snack + Hoddie

A hoodie worn in reverse to serve snacks

Charles barkley wears snackhoodies when he watches basketball

Created By: Anonymous
Skort (N) 1 1

Skirts + Shorts

A skirt with shorts sewn in

Skorts have been part of catholic school uniform from the beginning

Created By: Anonymous
Nervited (N) 1 1

Nervous + Excited

A state of being when you are nervous and excited.

The little girl on junior chopped show was nervited prior to announcing the winner

Created By: Anonymous
Coffetea (N) 1 1

Coffee + Tea

A drink where you mix coffee and tea

We had coffetea after dinner. supper caffeinated!!

Created By: Anonymous
Ingenuitea (N) 1 1

Tea + Ingenuity

A brand of tea that uses ingenuity

I bought my daughter a ingenuitea maker for xmas

Created By: Anonymous
Retrograte (N) 1 1

Retrograde + Bureaucrate

An old time conservative

The republican party are all a bunch of retrocrates

Created By: Anonymous
Rizzle (N) 1 1

Rain + Drizzle

Rain and drizzle together

I believe rizzle is worse than either rain or drizzle

Created By: Anonymous
Chammock (N) 1 1

Hammock + Chair

A chair designed as a hammock

Aqua creations has the best chammocks

Created By: Anonymous

Christmas + Thanksgiving

When you combine thanksgiving and christmas because you're too lazy to cook.

Christgiving was the best new holiday, because i got a food coma and got presents from santa.

Created By: Blystone10 on Nov. 24, 2016