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Singlish (N) 1 1

Singapore + English

English slang in singapore

Can can is the answer for yes in singlish

Created By: Anonymous
Ambivert (N) 1 1

Extrovert or introvert + Ambidextrous

Someone who can not decide if ther are a introvert or extrovert

Jane decided she is an ambivert because she does not want to be an introvert or extravert

Created By: Anonymous
Lupper (N) 1 1

Lunch + Supper

A combination of lunch and supper

You will lose weight if you eat a heathy breakfast and lupper

Created By: Anonymous
Flabs (N) 1 1

Flabby + Abs

1. flabby poorly conditioned abdominal muscles. fatty tissue covering firmly toned abdomial muscles.

My flabs really hurt after the workout today.

Created By: Anonymous

Signature + Authorization

The act of signing a document.

The health care documents are being circulated for signaturization.

Signaturization is required prior to the start of the contract.

Created By: Anonymous

Scenario + Organizing

The process of organizing the details of why a particular scenario occurred as it did.

I am scenarionizing why gilbert chose to work part-time

Created By: sjhopkins on Nov. 27, 2017
Archaholic (N) 1 1

Architecture + Alcoholic

An addiction for architecture

You need to be archaholic to make it through the cuaarch priogram

Created By: Anonymous
Chinglish (N) 1 1

Chinese + English

A poor translation of chinese into english.

The manual was in chinglish, so we just had to figure out how to operate it on our own.

Created By: Anonymous
Ginormous (ADJ) 2 1

Gigantic + Enormous

Something so large, the words gigantic or enormous alone cannot adequately describe it.

That excavator in the mine is ginormous!

Created By: Anonymous
Disingenuine (ADJ) 1 2

Disingenuous + Genuine

When someone feels so strongly about something that they do not care that everyone knows.

The scowl on his face made it obvious that his hatred was disingenuine.

Created By: Anonymous

Distribution + Disbursement

Dish out, hand out or give out

The distribursement of materials to the workers went smoothly.

The sunday edition of the newspaper was released for distribursement.

We have four different methods of distribursement that can be used to get the information out to the public.

Created By: Anonymous
Done (V) 1 1

Three + Define

Make best

This time make better more

Created By: Anonymous

Comfortable + Ability

The ability to be comfortable

How is your comfortability?

Created By: ahopkins on Sept. 27, 2017
Brookies (N) 2 1

Brownies + Cookies

A delicious desert that combines brownies with cookies

I would prefer brookies over either brownies or cookies any day!!

Created By: Diego on June 17, 2017
Blundin (N) 1 1

Breakfast and lunch + Dinner

One meal a day

I only had blundin today

Created By: Diego on May 8, 2017