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Punny (V) 6 1

Pun + Funny

To be funny through the use of a pun.

Ha! that was punny.

Created By: Anonymous

Compassionate + Companionship

The state of being compassionate with a companion

He has a unique compassionship with his poodle.

Created By: sjhopkins on Oct. 27, 2013

Flexible + Vegetarian

To be flexible when making decisions regarding when to be an vegetarian

I have decided to convert from a vegetarian to a flexitarian after smelling the barbecue from next door!

Created By: Diego on Nov. 12, 2013
Confungry (ADJ) 6 1

Confused + Hungry

The act of being confused and hungry at the same time

College students tend to always be confungry!

After returning from a long day at school, josh and sally are confungry.

Created By: hopkinsrojas on Oct. 9, 2013
Demoblican (N) 5 1

Democratic + Republican

A family made up of both democrats and republicans

Our street is mainly republican except for the house at the end who are demoblican.

Created By: NewYorker on Nov. 27, 2013
Commocracy (N) 4 1

Communism + Democracy

A government that combines communism with democratic economic policies

China is becoming more and more like a commocracy as it develops

Created By: NewYorker on Nov. 27, 2013

Desperate + Desk

Forced (desperate) to keep a desk job because there is nothing else available

I wanted to be a supermodel but i am just too deskpirate!!

Created By: TheNeologist on Nov. 8, 2013

Tuition + Twins

The kind of intuition that only occurs between twins

The twintuition between my sister and i is uncanny.

Created By: MadMan on Sept. 23, 2013
Naggravate (V) 4 1

Aggravate + Nag

To nag to the point of aggrivation

My son naggravates everytime he takes the car keys!!

Created By: jose on Nov. 2, 2013
Purducken (N) 4 1

Pig turkey + Duck chicken

Duck inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a pig...yum

The robertsons love their thanksgiving purducken.

Created By: pineappleprincess on Dec. 21, 2013
Focustrate (V) 3 1

Focus + Concentrate

To focus and concentrate at the same time

You really need to focustrate more on your homework

Created By: MadMan on Sept. 23, 2013

Procrastinating + Caffeine

The tendency to not start anything until you've had a cup of coffee.

Frequent starbucks drinkers tend to always be procaffeinating in the morning!

Created By: Anonymous
Flexegan (N) 3 1

Flexible + Vegan

To be flexible when deciding to be vegan

He is a strict vegan during the week and flexegan on weekends

Created By: NewYorker on Nov. 28, 2013
Ledneck (N) 3 1

Laidback + Redneck

Laidback redneck

He was born in georgia then moved to california and became a "ledneck".

Created By: COMPUTIAC on Feb. 2, 2015
Quickers (N) 3 1

Quick + Crackers

A cracker which can be made quickly.

The quickers were very good with cheese spread.

The quickers were easy to make.

The quickers were quick.

Created By: Anonymous505 on Feb. 1, 2015