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Zonkey (N) 1 1

Zibra + Donkey

A cross between a zebra and a donkey

Zonkies are the strangest looking creatures!!

Created By: Creativity on Oct. 13, 2013
Zingue (N) 1 1

Zika + Dengue

A coinfection of zika and dengue

Is zingue more or less likely to cause microcephally

Created By: Anonymous
Zikagunya (N) 1 1

Zika + Chikungunya

A diagnosis of either zika or chikungunya virus

There is lots of zikangunya but we are not sure if it is zika or chikungunya

Created By: Anonymous
Zenocide (N) 1 1

Zen + Homicide

To kill (homicide) someone's peaceful (zen) state of mind

My neighbor commits zenocide every time he starts his chain saw!

Created By: Kathy on Oct. 28, 2013
Zeedonk (N) 1 1

Zebra + Donkey

A cross between a zebra and donkey

A zeedonk looks like a zebra but sounds like a donkey

Created By: Anonymous
Workmare (N) 1 1

Work + Nightmare

To experience an embarrassment (a.k.a. nightmare) in the workplace

My last workmare was when i spilled my coffee all over my white shirt at the board meeting.

Created By: Linguist on Nov. 8, 2013
Workation (N) 1 1

Work + Vacation

When you work when you should be on vacation

My husband takes lots of workations but never a real vacation.

Created By: Anonymous
Wordtician (N) 1 1

Word + Mortician

A person who studies words that do not actually exist.

My wife is the most studious wordtician i know.

Created By: Politician on Oct. 28, 2013
Wink (N) 1 1

Wall + Ink

A wall that you can write on

Wink is the first clear write and erase finish that lets your colors shine through

Created By: Anonymous
Windation (N) 1 1

Windows + Nation

A nation that only allows use of windows

Some day bill gates will be the president on windation

Created By: Anonymous
Windabinet (N) 1 1

Window + Cabinet

A cabinet with glass doors

We only have windabinets in our kitchen so all the stuff needs to be organized

Created By: Anonymous

Web + Publication

A publication that is first published on the internet (web)

I don't see any reason to publish these days given all the weblication going on.

Created By: Linguist on Dec. 3, 2013

Want + Entrepreneur

To want to be an entrepreneur

There are lots of wantrepreneurs on shark tank

Created By: Ricardo on Nov. 24, 2014
Voluntold (V) 1 1

Volunteer + Told

To be told to volunteer

My work has voluntold activities that are very enjoyable and provide me with a sense of self worth

Created By: Diego on Nov. 13, 2014
Voltaneous (ADJ) 1 1

Voluntary + Spontaneous

To be spontaneously voluntary

I never plan voluntary pursuits - i am voltaneous!

Created By: MadMan on Nov. 12, 2013