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Frenemy (N) 1 1

Friend + Enemy

A person who is a friend who becomes an enemy

After i did not ask my best friend to be my bridesmaid, she became my frenemy

Created By: Anonymous
Shero (N) 1 1

She + Hero

A hero that is female (a she). herione

My community has many sheros

Created By: Anonymous

Fun + Unexpected

When you do not expect to have fun but do.

An experience in williamsburg is always funexpected

Created By: Anonymous
Zeedonk (N) 1 1

Zebra + Donkey

A cross between a zebra and donkey

A zeedonk looks like a zebra but sounds like a donkey

Created By: Anonymous
Meating (N) 1 1

Meeting + Eat

A meeting while you eat

In athens there is a restaurant called meating. doubt the meetings there are productive.

Created By: Anonymous
Mompreneur (N) 1 1

Mom + Entrepreneur

A mom who is also an entrepreneur

On moms day we should take pride in our mompreneurs!

Created By: Anonymous
Noctor (N) 1 1

Not + Doctor

A physician assistant who is functions so independently but is still not a doctor

A noctor was voted to be the best orthopedic doctor by a local magazine.

Created By: Anonymous

Intoxicated + Text

Distracted driving while texting

Don’t drive intexticated or intoxicated!

Created By: Anonymous
Desort (N) 2 1

Destination + Resort

All inclusive hotel at a desirable location

Carlsbad california has more desorts than carlsbad new mexico

On my vacation to nevada i decided to stay at a desort rather than a casino.

Created By: RoryKelley on March 11, 2019
Cupanion (N) 1 1

Cup + Companion

A thermos brand that implies one should carry one’s thermos with them wherever you go.

I take my cupanion everywhere full of coffee to provide me with by caffeine fix!

Created By: Anonymous

Trump + Pelosi

A negotiation tactic that involves continued refusal to agree in an effort to get attention

The wall negotiations are a classic trumpelosism.

Created By: Anonymous
Irancing (N) 1 1

Irish + Dancing

The art of irish dancing

Only the talented can perform irancing. but it helps to have irish blood.

Created By: Anonymous
Retardism (N) 1 1

Retard + Autism

Preserved for the most retarded of people.

Dude, you've got retardism or some shit.

My mom has retardism, she didn't get me air pods this christmas bro.

Created By: Anonymous
Beautifulish (ADJ) 1 1

Beautiful + Ish

More than beautiful

Your eyes are beautifulish!

Created By: Anonymous
Daditude (N) 2 1

Dad + Attitude

A dad with an attitude

The xfinity commercial guy has daditude

Created By: Anonymous