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Desort (N) 2 1

Destination + Resort

All inclusive hotel at a desirable location

Carlsbad california has more desorts than carlsbad new mexico

On my vacation to nevada i decided to stay at a desort rather than a casino.

Created By: RoryKelley on March 11, 2019
Cupanion (N) 1 1

Cup + Companion

A thermos brand that implies one should carry one’s thermos with them wherever you go.

I take my cupanion everywhere full of coffee to provide me with by caffeine fix!

Created By: Anonymous
Irancing (N) 1 1

Irish + Dancing

The art of irish dancing

Only the talented can perform irancing. but it helps to have irish blood.

Created By: Anonymous

Trump + Pelosi

A negotiation tactic that involves continued refusal to agree in an effort to get attention

The wall negotiations are a classic trumpelosism.

Created By: Anonymous
Retardism (N) 1 1

Retard + Autism

Preserved for the most retarded of people.

Dude, you've got retardism or some shit.

My mom has retardism, she didn't get me air pods this christmas bro.

Created By: Anonymous
Beautifulish (ADJ) 1 1

Beautiful + Ish

More than beautiful

Your eyes are beautifulish!

Created By: Anonymous
Daditude (N) 2 1

Dad + Attitude

A dad with an attitude

The xfinity commercial guy has daditude

Created By: Anonymous

Machine + Ticket

When you get a speeding ticket from a machine instead of a police officer

I got 5 machickets during the first 2 weeks of moving into town until i found out where the speeding machines were put

Created By: Anonymous
Windabinet (N) 1 1

Window + Cabinet

A cabinet with glass doors

We only have windabinets in our kitchen so all the stuff needs to be organized

Created By: Anonymous
Skiacker (N) 1 1

Skier + Backpacker

A skier who uses a backpack

I can not decide if i want to ski or backpack in may. i will be a skiacker

Created By: Anonymous
Singlish (N) 1 1

Singapore + English

English slang in singapore

Can can is the answer for yes in singlish

Created By: Anonymous
Ambivert (N) 1 1

Extrovert or introvert + Ambidextrous

Someone who can not decide if ther are a introvert or extrovert

Jane decided she is an ambivert because she does not want to be an introvert or extravert

Created By: Anonymous
Lupper (N) 1 1

Lunch + Supper

A combination of lunch and supper

You will lose weight if you eat a heathy breakfast and lupper

Created By: Anonymous
Flabs (N) 1 1

Flabby + Abs

1. flabby poorly conditioned abdominal muscles. fatty tissue covering firmly toned abdomial muscles.

My flabs really hurt after the workout today.

Created By: Anonymous

Signature + Authorization

The act of signing a document.

The health care documents are being circulated for signaturization.

Signaturization is required prior to the start of the contract.

Created By: Anonymous