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Powherful (ADJ) 1 1

Powerful + Her

Description of a powerful woman

My sister-in-law is very powherful.

Created By: Anonymous

Fema + Frustration

To be frustrated with fema

The fema tracing courses are causing femustration

Created By: Anonymous
Quarantini (N) 1 1

Quarantine + Martini

A martini that is drunk alone while on a quarantine

Quarantini consumption increased during the coronavirus outbreak

Created By: Anonymous
Frotastic (ADJ) 1 1

Fro + Fantastic

When someone has a fantastic fro

We plan on having a frotastic event to showcase varied hair styles.

Created By: Anonymous
Mandel (N) 1 1

Man + Candle

A candle that smells like an attractive man.

Yummm, your house smells like a mandle.

Let’s go to bath and body works and buy a mandle!

Created By: Anonymous
Peztola (N) 1 1

Pez + Pistola

Quando quiere usar un pez para una pistola

Carlos cuida su familia con una peztola

Created By: Anonymous
Supremium (ADJ) 1 1

Supreme + Premium

Something that is both supreme and premium.

My gas station offers three types: supreme, premium and supremium.

Created By: Anonymous
Flarpet (N) 1 1

Fluffy + Carpet

Excessively fluffy carpet

And so laid he upon the flarpet after many days work

We decided to lie the flarpet near our back door, we could come inside and warm our feet within the flarpet

Flarpets are not dissimilar to dogs: i've many a night, pet my flarpet mistaking him for my dog.

Created By: Anonymous
Frenemy (N) 1 1

Friend + Enemy

A person who is a friend who becomes an enemy

After i did not ask my best friend to be my bridesmaid, she became my frenemy

Created By: Anonymous
Shero (N) 1 1

She + Hero

A hero that is female (a she). herione

My community has many sheros

Created By: Anonymous

Fun + Unexpected

When you do not expect to have fun but do.

An experience in williamsburg is always funexpected

Created By: Anonymous
Zeedonk (N) 1 1

Zebra + Donkey

A cross between a zebra and donkey

A zeedonk looks like a zebra but sounds like a donkey

Created By: Anonymous
Meating (N) 1 1

Meeting + Eat

A meeting while you eat

In athens there is a restaurant called meating. doubt the meetings there are productive.

Created By: Anonymous
Mompreneur (N) 1 1

Mom + Entrepreneur

A mom who is also an entrepreneur

On moms day we should take pride in our mompreneurs!

Created By: Anonymous
Noctor (N) 1 1

Not + Doctor

A physician assistant who is functions so independently but is still not a doctor

A noctor was voted to be the best orthopedic doctor by a local magazine.

Created By: Anonymous