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Supremium (ADJ) 1 1

Supreme + Premium

Something that is both supreme and premium.

My gas station offers three types: supreme, premium and supremium.

Created By: Anonymous
Flarpet (N) 1 1

Fluffy + Carpet

Excessively fluffy carpet

And so laid he upon the flarpet after many days work

We decided to lie the flarpet near our back door, we could come inside and warm our feet within the flarpet

Flarpets are not dissimilar to dogs: i've many a night, pet my flarpet mistaking him for my dog.

Created By: Anonymous
Frenemy (N) 1 1

Friend + Enemy

A person who is a friend who becomes an enemy

After i did not ask my best friend to be my bridesmaid, she became my frenemy

Created By: Anonymous
Shero (N) 1 1

She + Hero

A hero that is female (a she). herione

My community has many sheros

Created By: Anonymous

Fun + Unexpected

When you do not expect to have fun but do.

An experience in williamsburg is always funexpected

Created By: Anonymous
Zeedonk (N) 1 1

Zebra + Donkey

A cross between a zebra and donkey

A zeedonk looks like a zebra but sounds like a donkey

Created By: Anonymous
Meating (N) 1 1

Meeting + Eat

A meeting while you eat

In athens there is a restaurant called meating. doubt the meetings there are productive.

Created By: Anonymous
Mompreneur (N) 1 1

Mom + Entrepreneur

A mom who is also an entrepreneur

On moms day we should take pride in our mompreneurs!

Created By: Anonymous
Noctor (N) 1 1

Not + Doctor

A physician assistant who is functions so independently but is still not a doctor

A noctor was voted to be the best orthopedic doctor by a local magazine.

Created By: Anonymous

Intoxicated + Text

Distracted driving while texting

Don’t drive intexticated or intoxicated!

Created By: Anonymous
Desort (N) 2 1

Destination + Resort

All inclusive hotel at a desirable location

Carlsbad california has more desorts than carlsbad new mexico

On my vacation to nevada i decided to stay at a desort rather than a casino.

Created By: RoryKelley on March 11, 2019
Cupanion (N) 1 1

Cup + Companion

A thermos brand that implies one should carry one’s thermos with them wherever you go.

I take my cupanion everywhere full of coffee to provide me with by caffeine fix!

Created By: Anonymous
Irancing (N) 1 1

Irish + Dancing

The art of irish dancing

Only the talented can perform irancing. but it helps to have irish blood.

Created By: Anonymous

Trump + Pelosi

A negotiation tactic that involves continued refusal to agree in an effort to get attention

The wall negotiations are a classic trumpelosism.

Created By: Anonymous
Retardism (N) 1 1

Retard + Autism

Preserved for the most retarded of people.

Dude, you've got retardism or some shit.

My mom has retardism, she didn't get me air pods this christmas bro.

Created By: Anonymous